Boil Order FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions...
What is a Precautionary Localized Boil Order?
Precautionary Localized Boil Orders are issued to water customers when pressure in the distribution system drops below 20 pounds per square inch (PSI). Precautionary Localized Boil Orders are issued because it is possible, but unlikely, that bacteria can enter the water system when pressure in the line drops below 20 PSI. The boil order is “precautionary” because there is no evidence of contamination. The boil order is “localized” because only a relatively small portion of the system has experienced a pressure drop below 20 PSI. State Regulations require the issuance of Precautionary Localized Boil Orders when pressure in the system is reduced to below 20 PSI.
What is the reason for the Precautionary Localized Boil Order?
The most common reason for Precautionary Localized Boil Orders is loss of pressure due to a watermain break or a shut down on a segment of the watermain distribution system. Occasionally during construction projects Precautionary Localized Boil Orders are issued because watermains must be depressurized to facilitate the work.
How will I know when a Precautionary Localized Boil Order is in effect?
Information will be provided to impacted properties through door hangers. The door hangers will include the time/date when the boil order will be lifted. If the Village feels the need to extend the boil order beyond the time and date listed on the door hanger, a second door hanger will be provided. Please note, unless notified otherwise, the boil order will expire on the time and date listed on door hanger.  

The Village will also provide Boil Order updates and information on the Village's website and social media pages.  Website:; Twitter: @LibertyvilleVOL; Instagram: @libertyville_il; and Facebook: Village of Libertyville. 
Can I drink tap water during a Boil Order?
No, during a boil order water should be boiled for 5 minutes before drinking, washing fruits/vegetables, making ice, or brushing teeth.
Can I shower or bath during a Boil Order?
Yes, it is safe to shower or bath during a boil order. The primary concern is that water not be consumed. When bathing infants and very young children that might ingest water during baths, it is recommended to bath them with water that has been boiled for 5 minutes and cooled to a safe temperature for bathing.
Can I wash clothes during a Boil Order?
Yes, it is safe to wash clothes during a boil order provided detergents are used. 
Can pets drink tap water during a Boil Order?
It is recommended that pets only be given water that is safe for human consumption.
Can I wash dishes during a Boil Order?
The affected water may be used for dishwashing if a dishwashing machine is used.  If dishes are hand washed, boiled water or bottled water should be used.  The affected tap water may be used if the clean dishes are immersed for at least one minute in a sink of water to which one full tablespoon of regular household bleach has been added.  
If I have any other questions?
Please call Public Works at 847-362-3434 Monday - Friday 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM