Snow Plow Routes

The Village is broken up into 11 sections to optimize the efficiency of snow plow operations in which the snowfighters are assigned to designated streets within a section. There are a total of 83.5 centerline miles that the Village Public Works Department is responsible for clearing after a snow event.

Alley Route

Map of Alley Route

Route #1

10.4 centerline miles W of St. Mary's Road, E of Milwaukee, S of Winchester, N of Route 176

Map of Route #1

Appley Avenue Route 21 Oak Spring Road
Avalon Lane E. Winchester Minear Drive
Bartlett Terrace Appley Appley
Broadway Route 21 End
Camelot Lane Ridgeway End
Church Street Route 21 End
Cook Avenue east of Route 21 First Street
Ellis Avenue, E. Winchester End
Fifth Street Church Route 176
First Street Church Newberry
First Street Route 176 Broadway
First Street Church Broadway
Fourth Avenue Church Route 176
Grant Court First Street Second Street
Hough Street Route 176 End
Hurlburt Court Route 21 End
Hyatt Drive Avalon Sandstone
Liberty Lake Drive Fifth End
Manor Circle Sandstone End
Maple Avenue Route 21 Park Place
Margate Lane Ridgeway Hawthorne
Minear Drive Avalon Sandstone
Newberry Avenue Route 21 First Street
North Avenue First Street End
Oak Spring Road Appley/Second St Mary's
Orchard Circle Sandstone End
Park Place Broadway Route 176
Parliament Court east of Winchester End
Parliament Court west of Winchester End
Ridgeway Lane Route 176 Woodfield Lane
Sandstone Drive Winchester Appley
School Street Route 21 Newberry
Second St Route 176 Oak Spring Road
Third Street North Avenue End
Third Street Church Route 176
Thornbury St Mary's End
Winchester Road, E. east of Route 21 End
Wright Court Church Broadway

Route #2

8.4 centerline miles: S of Route 176, N of Oak Trail Drive, W of St. Mary's Road, W of Milwaukee Avenue

Map of Route #2

Ardmore Terrace Valley Park Austin
Ashbury Lane Route 176 End
Austin Avenue Route 21 Fourth
Briar Place Second Ardmore
Buckingham Place Glendale Lincoln
Concord Lane Oak Trail Deer Trail
Deer Trail Lane Concord End
Fourth Avenue Valley Park Route 176
Glendale Road Riverside End
Hampton Terrace Glendale Lincoln
Hunters Lane Scott Place End
Kenwood Avenue Rockland Valley Park
Lincoln Avenue Route 21 Seventh
Meadow Lane Second Seventh
Oak Trail Drive St. Mary's End
Prairie Avenue Sunnyside Rockland
Riverside Drive Rockland End
Rockland Road Route 21 Rockland Bridge
Scott Place Deer Trail Oak Trail
Second Avenue Sunnyside End
Seventh Avenue Valley Park Sunnyside
Sunnyside Avenue Route 21 Seventh
Wedgemere Place Rockland Lincoln
Windsor Terrace Rockland Lincoln
Wrightwood Terrace Glendale Lincoln

Route #3

8.9 centerline miles: W of County Club Drive, N of Florsheim Drive, E of Milwaukee Avenue and S of Valley Park

Map of Route #3

Appletree Lane Red Top End
Ascot Court Riva Ridge Riva Ridge
Bell Court Liberty Bell End
Braeman Court Riva Ridge Riva Ridge
Bridle Court Furlong Drive End
Cali Court Kempton Kempton
Caliente Court Riva Ridge Riva Ridge
Cambridge Drive Downing End
Chatham Court Red Top Red Top
Country Club Drive Golf Valley Park
Downing Road Michaels Lane Cambridge
Downs Pkwy Red Top End
Eaton Court Michaels Lane Fourth Avenue
Emerson Lane Red Top Red Top
Flamingo Pkwy Red Top Red Top
Florsheim Drive Artaius Pkwy Kempton
Fourth Avenue Valley Park Red Top
Furlong Drive Paddock Lane End
Golf Road east of Route 21 Country Club
Gulfstream Pkwy Red Top Red Top
Harvard Lane Cambridge Golf
James Court Riva Ridge Riva Ridge
Kempton Drive Red Top Florsheim
Liberty Bell Lane Sixth Avenue End
Loatonia Court Riva Ridge Riva Ridge
Maywood Court Riva Ridge Riva Ridge
Michaels Lane Eaton Court Downing
Mullady Parkway Furlong Drive Furlong Drive
Paddock Court Paddock Lane End
Paddock Lane Furlong Drive End
Paul Revere Lane Valley Park Liberty Bell
Pimlico Pkwy Red Top Red Top
Red Top Drive Route 21 End
Riva Ridge Red Top Kempton
Ruidoso Court Riva Ridge Riva Ridge
Sixth Avenue Valley Park Fourth Avenue
Suffolk Court Kempton Kempton
Valley Park Drive Route 21 Country Club
Winners Circle Mullady Pkwy End

Route #4

7.5 centerline miles: N of Greentree Parkway, W of Milwaukee Avenue, S of Golf Road, E of Butterfield

Map of Route #4

Briarwood Lane Green Tree Green Tree
Catalpa Lane Dawes End
Crabtree Lane Juniper End
Cypress Lane east of Garfield west of Garfield
Dawes Street south of Golf End
Dover Court Dymond End
Dymond Road south of Golf End
Evergreen Court Garfield End
Garfield Avenue south of Golf End
Golf Road east of Butterfield west of Route 21
Green Tree Court Green Tree End
Green Tree Pkwy Golf Route 21
Hemlock Lane Juniper End
Juniper Pkwy Garfield Sandy
Lilac Court Juniper End
Magnolia Lane Green Tree End
Mayfair Drive Dawes Dawes
Nita Lane Tamarack End
Poplar Court Juniper End
Rosewood Terrace Juniper End
Sandy Court Sandy Lane End
Sandy Lane Juniper End
Spruce Court Green Tree End
Sylvan Drive Dawes End
Tall Tree Terrace Juniper End
Tamarack Lane Garfield Garfield
Thornapple Lane Dawes End
Tracy Avenue Tamarack End
Tyler Court Garfield End
Warwick Lane south of Golf Dawes
Weeping Willow Lane Green Tree End
Wexford Court Golf End

Route #5

7.9 centerline miles: W of Dawes Street, N of Golf Road, E of Village Limits, S of Butterfield Road & Ridgewood intersection

Map of Route #5

Acorn Lane Blueberry Blueberry
Bedford Lane Regency Golf
Blueberry Road Route 176 End
Brandywine Road Canterbury Golf
Burridge Court Dymond End
Butterfield Lane Butterfield End
Canterbury Circle Brandywine End
Crane Blvd west of Dymond End
Crestfield Avenue Butterfield Fairlawn
Dymond Avenue north of Golf Pond Ridge
Fairlawn Drive Butterfield Dawes
Golf Road west of Butterfield Canterbury
Gracewood Drive Dymond End
Harding Avenue Route 176 Butterfield
Harms Avenue Butterfield Havenswood
Havenswood Court Havenswood End
Havenswood Drive Dymond Dymond
Highgate Court Golf End
Kenloch Avenue E of Willow Avenue W of Willow Avenue
Lothair Drive Stevenson Victory
Newgate Court Brandywine End
Nordic Court Crane Crane
Pembrooke Road Dawes Golf
Pinetree Lane Butterfield End
Pond Ridge Road Blueberry End
Portwine Drive Golf End
Regency Lane Dymond Bedford
Shari Lane Butterfield Dymond
Stevenson Drive Brandywine End
Victory Drive Butterfield End
Willow Avenue Butterfield Woodland
Woodland Road Route 176 End

Route #6

9.2 centerline miles: S of Route 176, W of Milwaukee Avenue, E of Dymond Avenue, N of Golf Road

Map of Route #6

Ames Street Garfield McKinley
Arthur Avenue Fairlawn Golf
Ash Street Rockland Austin
Austin Avenue Crane west of Route 21
Burdick Street McKinley End
Carter Street McKinley End
Circle Drive Rockland Rockland
Cleveland Avenue Stewart End
Condell Drive Fairview Route 21
Coolidge Avenue Fairview Route 21
Coolidge Place Stewart Fairview
Crane Blvd east of Dymond Burdick
Dawes Street Golf Route 176
Drake Street McKinley Crane
Fairlawn Avenue east of Dawes Garfield
Fairview Avenue Austin End
Florence Court Stewart End
Garfield Avenue north of Golf Route 176
Hayes Avenue Fairlawn Golf
Lincoln Avenue Garfield Route 21
McKinley Avenue Drake Route 21
Oak Street Rockland Austin
Rockland Road west of Route 21 Drake
Roosevelt Drive Garfield Golf
Saxon Lane Roosevelt Burdick
Stewart Avenue south of Route 176 Cleveland
Sunnyside Place Stewart Route 21

Route #7

8.2 centerline miles: N of Route 176, W of Milwaukee Avenue, E of Butterfield, S of Winchester Road

Map of Route #7

Arbor Court Brainerd End
Ashley Lane Winchester End
Blackburn Circle Paradise Sedgewick
Brainerd Avenue Lake Route 176
Church Street west of Route 21 End
Cook Avenue west of Route 21 West
Douglas Avenue Maple Route 176
Ellis Avenue, W. Winchester Route 21
Elm Court Homewood Brainerd
Elm Drive Cook Laurel
Forest Lane Laurel Linden
Hillcrest Drive Lake Ridgewood
Homewood Drive Brainerd Laurel
Innsbrook Court Lake End
Interlaken Court Interlaken Lane End
Interlaken Lane Lake End
Jackson Avenue Brainerd Douglas
Jeremy Lane Wilshire Winchester
Johnson Avenue Route 21 End
Lake Street Butterfield Route 21
Lange Court Lake Cook
Laurel Avenue Sunset End
Linden Lane Sunset Homewood
Maple Avenue west of Route 21 Brainerd
Merrill Court Ellis Wheeler
Paradise Lane Sedgewick End - north of Lake
Ridgewood Lane Butterfield End
Sedgewick Drive Ridgewood Lake
Sherbourne Court Winchester End
St. James Place Hillcrest End
Stewart Avenue Maple Route 176
Stonegate Court Lake End
Stonegate Road Stonegate Road End
Sunset Drive Laurel Route 176
Thomas Court Paradise End
West Street Lake Cook
Wheeler Court Ellis Johnson
Wilshire Court Wilshire End
Wilshire Drive Paradise End

Route #8

8.1 centerline miles: N of Winchester, W of Midlothian Road, E of Butterfield, S of Route 137

Map of Route #8

American Way Route 45 Winchester
Amy Lane End End
Annie Lane Eric Lane End
Brian Circle Eric Lane End
Bush Court Juliet End
Commerce Drive Franklin Midlothian
Dancer Court Juliet End
Debora Circle Nathan End
Enterprise Court Temple End
Eric Lane Virginia End
Forever Avenue Bush End
Franklin Blvd Peterson Winchester
Harris Road Winchester End
Industrial Drive Peterson End
Jaimee Lane Eric Nathan
Jessica Lane Jaimee Nathan
Joslyn Court Juliet End
Juliet Lane Amy Bush
Kelley Court Northwind Blvd End
Lisa Circle Eric Lane End
Mallory Drive Harris Road End
Nathan Lane Virginia End
Northwind Blvd Route 45 Peterson
Park Crest Court Forever End
Pine Meadow Court Winchester End
Pleasant Court Amy Lane End
Quaker Hill Lane Windhaven End
Romeo Court Virginia End
Shell Drive Northwind Blvd Route 45
Springhaven Drive Lake End
Technology Way Winchester End
Tempel Drive Industrial Route 45
Tiffany Lane Nathan End
Trevor Circle Nathan End
USG Drive Route 45 Technology Way
Virginia Lane Butterfield Tiffany
Windhaven Road Springhaven Winchester

Route #9

6.6 centerline miles

Map of Route #9

Artaius Parkway Route 21 Route 21
Hollister Drive Route 21 Route 21
Route 176 St. Mary's Seminary Hough Street
Route 21 Hollister Drive Adler Drive

Route #10

8.3 centerline miles: W of Milwaukee Avenue, N of Winchester, E of Butterfield and S of Peterson Road

Map of Route #10

Abbey Court Wellington north & south ends
Adler Drive west of Route 21 End
Bell Lane south of Route 137 Village Limits
Blackberry Court Elderberry End
Braxton Darnell Butterfield
Butterfield north of Route 137 Castleton
Carriage Hill Drive Walnut Walnut
Cass Avenue Peterson End
Cass Court Cass Avenue End
Castleton Darnell Butterfield
Cedar Glen Court Cedar Glen End
Cedar Glen Drive Cass Avenue Adler
Checkerberry Court Elderberry End
Claridge Drive Winchester End
Darnell St Halifax Braxton
Elderberry Drive Newcastle Peterson
Finstad Drive Route 21 End
Hackenberry Court Elderberry End
Halifax St Darnell Castleton
Kildare Avenue Village Limits west End
Kristin Drive Loyola End
Lingonberry Court Elderberry End
Loyola Drive Kristin Winchester
Mulberry Drive Elderberry Newcastle
Newcastle Drive Old Barn Circle End
Old Barn Circle Butterfield Newcastle
Oxford Court Trinity End
Park View Drive Route 21 Carriage Hill
Plumwood Drive Newcastle Vineyard
Portwine Court Mulberry End
Ronan Court Vineyard End
St. Williams Drive Butterfield Kristin
Sunnyview Road Newcastle Village Limits
Sussex Lane Claridge Trinity
Trinity Place Claridge End
Vineyard Drive Newcastle End
Walnut Street Route 21 End
Wellington Avenue Sussex Winchester
Young Drive Cedar Glen Adler