Emergency Warning Sirens

Tornado Siren

Emergency Warning Sirens

What does it mean when the sirens sound?


Sirens are tested in conjunction with the Fire Department at 10:00 a.m. on the first Tuesday of every month to make sure they are all working correctly. If you hear the siren at any other time, assume it is for real.

The sirens mean that dangerous weather has been spotted in close proximity to the Village, and it poses an imminent threat to people's safety. You should seek shelter immediately and begin monitoring local TV and/or radio for additional information.

The Village does not sound an "All Clear" signal. If you hear additional sirens, it may be a second activation as the danger remains close, or sirens from a neighboring community.

Do you have a battery powered NOAA radio? If not, you should consider one. They are available at your local hardware and electronics store, and will prove valuable during severe weather - especially if there is a power outage.

Please avoid calling 9-1-1 or the Police & Fire Departments to ask why the sirens are sounding. During these times, our emergency personnel are extremely busy responding to emergency calls, and will not be able to provide you with anything more than you will hear through TV and radio.