Knox Box Orders


When firefighters respond to a fire alarm, time is of the essence. It is for this reason that fire departments across the country use the Knox System to prevent costly forced entry while protecting lives and property.

Knox boxes are permanently installed in commercial building entrances or gates to hold building entrance keys and/or electronic access cards that may provide fire department access to the unattended property. Recently, many home owners have also discovered the value of having a residential Knox box, as similar situations arise with paramedic rescue calls when a patient is home alone and cannot get to the door after they have called for help.

A unique feature about the Knox box is that it can only be opened by the fire department’s exclusive key for the safety of the property owner. Knox rapid entry system products can only be purchased through the fire department for Village security reasons.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about Knox boxes or other Knox products, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (847) 362-5664. Further details on Knox boxes may also be obtained from the Knox Company's website or contacting their Customer Service Department at (800) 552-5669.