Residential Permit Information


Permits and inspections are required for most work to be done on a residential property. If you are not sure whether you need a permit, please call us at (847) 918-2020.

Submittal Requirements

The following list gives the submittal requirements for the most common residential projects. If plans are ready for review but the contractors are not known, submit a Plan Review Application in place of the Construction Permit Application. Submit the Construction Permit Application once the contractors for the project are known.

Project Submittal Requirements

 Type of Project  Submittal Requirements
  • 2 sets of Architectural Plans
  • 4 sets of Engineering Plans
  • 4 copies of Plat of Survey with location of addition 
  • Existing Plat of Survey
  • If adding plumbing fixtures, a list of existing fixtures in the home 
  • Trees shown on the Plat of Survey, mark any trees to be removed 
  • Construction Permit Application 
  • Engineering Permit Application
Air Conditioning
(New or replacement,
screening required) 

  • Plat of Survey with air conditioner location shown 
  • Proposal or contract with HVAC company 
  • Specification sheet on unit
  • Construction Permit Application 
(New House) 
Deck (click link title for handout information) 
  • 2 copies of Plat of Survey with work area highlighted
  • If adding area, draw on Plat of Survey with dimensions
  • Calculation of existing impervious surface and lot coverage
  • Calculation of new impervious surface and lot coverage 
  • Photos of existing conditions of the right of way 
  • Construction Permit Application (if work to be on private property only)
  • Engineering Permit Application (if work to be done in the right-of-way or any size change)
Electrical Service (click link title for handout)
(Outside disconnect required. Work must be done by licensed and insured electrician) 
Fence (click link title for handout information)
(Max. Height is 6’-6”) 
Fire Pit 
  • 2 copies of Plat of Survey with fire pit location and distance from all structures and lot lines shown 
  • Dimension drawing of fire pit 
  • Construction Permit Application
Furnace Replacement 
  • Proposal/Contract from Contractor 
  • Plat of Survey with furnace vent location shown
  • High efficiency furnaces shall vent to the rear yard or thru the roof.
  • Construction Permit Application 
Garage (click link title for handout information)
Gazebo (click link title for handout information)
Home Business 
Hot Tub (click link title for handout information)
In-Ground Sprinkler System
(RPZ required and must be tested annually) 
  • For information regarding mailboxes, please contact the Engineering Division at (847) 918-2100 
 Remodel- Interior
Roof –Replacement (click link title for handout)
(Ice and water shield required) 
Security Systems (low voltage only, wireless systems do not require a permit)
Sewer Repairs (work on private property only)
Sewer Repairs with work in the public right of way
  • Copy of contract/proposal
  • 2 copies of Plat of Survey with work area drawn and highlighted
  • Photos of existing conditions of right of way
  • Engineering Permit Application
All trenches/excavations are to be completed and shored per OSHA requirements. Village personnel shall not enter the excavation for inspection if it is not in a safe condition. All piping for sewer repairs shall be schedule 40 PVC with solvent joints connected to existing piping with non-shear bands. The building sewer shall be of ductile cast iron for a minimum of five (5) feet outside the wall when penetrating a foundation. 
Shed (click link title for handout information)
Siding, Gutters, Fascia 
 Solar Panels (click link title for handout information)
Swimming Pool (click link title for handout information)
(Above or In-Ground)
Tree Removal (click link title for handout information)
Windows (New)
Windows (Replacement in Bedrooms and Basements) 
Basements & bedrooms shall have at least one openable emergency escape and rescue opening. The sill height shall not be more than 44” above floor. The minimum net clear opening shall be 5.7 S.F. The minimum net clear opening height shall be 24”. The minimum net clear opening width shall be 20”.