Stormwater Utility Fee

Welcome to the Village's Stormwater Utility Fee information page. The links on the left hand side of your screen will allow you to access information pertaining to the pending implementation of a Village-wide stormwater utility fee. The content on this page is maintained by the Administration & Finance and Public Works departments. For more information about the stormwater utility fee, please contact

News and Page Updates

9/16/2021 - Initial stormwater fees for Cycle 2 (accounts starting with "02") will be assessed at the end of September. In reviewing the draft billing register, staff made several administrative changes, mostly dealing with allocation of fees to multi-tenant residential and commercial properties. These changes will not be posted to the Fee Estimation Tool until a later date. Any questions regarding the final allocation of fees to a multi-tenant residential or commercial property can be directed to

7/15/2021 - An informational pamphlet will go out with water bills in July and August in advance of the fee start date on September 1, 2021. An electronic copy of this communication has been posted to the "Documents and Forms" section.

3/24/2021 - Updated "Documents and Forms" section with final adopted utility fee ordinance and an updated appeals forms.

3/11/2021 - Added Phase II Report and Presentation. Available on the "Documents and Forms" page.

2/17/2021 - FAQ updated with questions received during the second virtual Town Hall meeting.

2/5/2021 - Added reference guide to lookup and measure aerial imaging on the Lake County GIS website. Available on the "Documents and Forms" page.

2/3/2021 - Uploaded video from first virtual town hall meeting (link on the left), updated FAQ with questions from the meeting, and included the town hall meeting PowerPoint on the "Documents and Forms" page.

1/26/2021 - Added IDF impervious percentage category chart to the "Stormwater Utility Fee Information" page.

1/4/2021 - Added stormwater environmental impact documents to the "Documents and Forms" page. Additional resources are available here.

12/18/2020 - Launch of Stormwater Utility Fee website and Fee Estimation Tool